Ana Beluche, LMT

Ana Beluche

Ana Beluche, LMT#7609 is a licensed Massage Therapist practicing a variety of techniques and intuitive bodywork. She can be reached at the Taos Center for Natural Healing at 575-751-1616 or at 575-770-8662.

As a young child, Ana roamed the parks of New York City collecting herbs with her mother. She watched her mother help people using those herbs. Her mother’s intuitional skills were passed through these experiences.

“She taught me many things that I still find useful today especially a love of the natural state of being and connecting with that. As I grew older I have kept improving on this.”

Ana was born and raised in New York City, NY. Each neighborhood was like a small town where everyone knew everyone and took care of each other. As she got older, married with kids, her life moved to the suburbs. After divorcing, she had to wear many hats in order to raise four kids. Her last job was Assistant Director at a small publishing company at Teachers College, Columbia University, teaching people “How to choose, get and keep a job.”

In 1985 she knew it was time to make a change. The job paid well, but was very stressful, and she was getting sick. Her 3 kids were able to be on their own. She picked up and left NY with her daughter and her dog, not knowing where she was going. After 3 weeks, she came up the road to Taos. She cried, knowing she was home… again in a small town.

One winter she visited a friend in Puerto Rico. The friend needed help with her massage business and had a great place near the rain forest. There were deliveries of fresh foods every day. Her friend taught her the basics of massage. Mornings began with meditation then they worked long hours. Ana was a bit frightened at the beginning, but everyone said it was wonderful and there were good healings for all. She did this for two winters and it was a life-changing experience. That was the beginning of her love for massage.

“When I came home in 1999, I looked into massage schools. I enrolled in one right here in Taos. It was one of the best years of my life. Of course I was the oldest in my class. The people and instructors were great. We are still friends today!”

As the years passed, she continued to take more classes to learn different techniques and modalities. As new learning merged with her rich life experience she become a unique practitioner. “As I get older and trust my intuition to the fullest I become not only a good massage therapist but a healer in different ways to different people.”

As you experience Ana’s massage, prepare to be nurtured in a safe, peaceful, and loving way. Most importantly she will help you to relax and breathe and allow your session to flow depending on what you most need. She imparts a sense that in the long term you can heal yourself. She wants you to get up from the table feeling renewed, and most importantly nurtured.


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