Christèle Semaille, D.C., A.P.C.


Christèle Semaille, D.C. is a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing Wholistic Kinesiology, treating patients with nutritional or hormonal support, detoxification and lifestyle assessment. She can be reached at the Center at 575-751-1616.

Dr. Christèle Semaille is originally from France. She was trained at the Institut Franco-European de Chiropratique in Paris. This is the European chiropractic school. She moved to America almost 25 years ago and attended Life West Chiropractic School in California. After graduation she moved to downtown Dixon and raised two children, an organic garden, a greenhouse, many chickens and turkeys, and started two clinics: BodyWise Health Center in Española and Taos Center for Natural Healing.

Wholistic kinesiology is a muscle testing technique that uses feedback from the body to give information about how the body is functioning.

She works with epigenetic testing and evaluation. Epigenetics is the study of gene variations and their response to environmental factors. Environmental factors can switch genes on or off and affect how cells read these genes.

Dr. Christèle is trained and very skilled at laboratory test assessment and analysis. Her strength lies in being able to take various symptoms that do not seem to have a common cause and find the missing link or imbalance that connects them. She does this using lab reports, genetic testing, kinesiology and a thorough history and exam. Finding the needle in the haystack. She then utilizes simple and safe herbal and nutritional supplements to bring the imbalance back into balance. Through specific testing she can treat the cause of the imbalance and not the symptoms, thus avoiding drugs that usually have toxic side effects.

“Any doctor can give you a pill to treat the symptoms; an effective doctor can use natural means to treat the imbalance.”

Dr. Christèle utilizes herbal and nutritional supplements, custom cleansing procedures, bio-identical hormones and custom nutritional counseling to bring the body’s varied systems into balance. This is achieved without toxic drugs and complicated side-effects

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