James Hal Dyer, LMT

James Hal Dyer LMT #6329 practices medical myofascial massage  is passionate about helping people experiencing pain relief and improving their quality of life. Having personally experienced trauma and recovery, Hal is empathetic to those experiencing pain and desires to help to the best of his abilities.

After injuries of his own, Hal was very proactive in his own rehabilitation.  He went back school to learn massage. Therapies involving deep tissue and myofascia resonated with Hal.

His practice is based in the theory that often times pain is caused from restrictions/adhesions in myofascial tissue and that when these restrictions are reduced or removed the individual can then regain functional mobility throughout range of motion.  Hal believes that dysfunction moves from the center of the body out through the extremities.  In practice that means he will address the feet, hands and head/neck with the frequency necessary to facilitate this movement.

This massage is not your typical massage.  So there may be discomfort when working in areas of dysfunction. Hal is very respectful of each individual’s personal tolerance.  Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion without restriction.

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