Patrice Johnson, LMT

Patrice Johnson, LMT

Patrice Johnson, LMT#6337, combines Thai massage, Structural Integration, Shiatsu, Tui na, Passive Joint Movement in her unique massage therapy practice. She assists her clients in releasing tension, chronic pain and emotional imbalances as they heal body, mind and soul. She can be reached at
She explored Tai Chi and yoga as part of her own spiritual growth, gaining a huge insight to loving & honoring the body. Her interest in the healing arts grew as she explored Eastern and Western techniques and concepts at massage school. She graduated from the International Professional School of Bodywork, IPSB, in San Diego.

“I had a wonderful teacher and friend Usha Heller – Cunningham who taught me structural work. My teacher Amelia added to my spiritual healing. But I’ve learned from all my teachers, instructors and clients.”
She herself began teaching both Eastern & Western techniques and giving workshops on Body Awareness at different massage schools in California. This gave Patrice the distinctive ability to meld these different worlds. She assimilates structural work, Thai massage, movement and energy work.
She was born in Barrington NJ and lived, studied and taught in California for many years. In 2005 she moved to Taos to be with her partner of 11yrs. In addition to her private practice, she works with Hospice care giving massage.

You will benefit from her years of working in different massage environments over the years, with different teachers and as a teacher herself.

“My most important learning has come from all the bodies I’ve touched over twenty years. Every body I work on increases my intuition & knowledge.”

Patrice wants you to feel peaceful and rejuvenated after a session. You will be more connected to yourself with greater body/mind awareness.

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